Greener furniture for greener future

On Sept, 10th, 2019 Valiyan Ltd and Innovation Norway signed a contract with ref.№ 2018/114737 for implementation of project „Greener furniture for greener future” partially funded byInnovationNorway

The project is implemented together with our Norwegian partner International Development Norway (IND)

 The main objective and respectively outcome of this project is to ensure the further development, increase the competitiveness and add value to the production process of Valiyan OOD through organizing an innovative close-to-zero-emissions furniture production. With this we shall implement an innovative way of green furniture production as well as shall be able to realize cost-savings, increased production capacity, better working conditions for 141 existing and 10 new employees, growth in turnover and profits. All these, in turn, will facilitate our access to the EU market and allow us to keep high quality and good prices. With increasing our productivity we shall be contributing to the fulfillment of the aim of the Innovation Norway for decrease of economical disparities between the companies in EEA. We shall be given a possibility for equal chances for development like the other EU companies have as through the finding we shall be able to have easier access to the new, last generation technologies.


The project activities include:

  • Activity 1: Consulting services

Production Layout&Process Improvements assessment which will be carried out by the partner in this project, IDN company. During this activity an assessment will be done including our equipment, production process and the layout of our new facility. They will propose several possible layouts with calculated values, capacities and savings from which the best one will be chosen

Output: Created production layout for organizing one flow or circular production process

  • Close-to-zero-emissions furniture production factory will be designed in accordance with the equipment we have, the production layout received from p.1. There will be evaluated the possibilities for maximum decrease of the emissions as well as the possible measures for the elimination or limitation of emissions and/or dust. This also will be carried out by the project partner IDN.

Output: a report for the possible solutions for elimination or limitations of emissions

  • Architectural services – done by an external company, subcontracted activity. During this activity the required by the laws architectural planning will be done so that we can start executing the activities on greening the existing own facilities we have recently bought and move the equipment there according to the plans prepared by the partner. The architect will be chosen in accordance with the good business practices and through a public procurement procedure. As the calculations in the budget are done per sq.m (this is the way architects form the cost of their services), and because the requested grant for this will be 50% we shall organize a transparent choice of the subcontractor. The architect will stay with us till the end of the implementation of this project helping also during the process of getting the final permit to start the exploitation of the new factory

Output: Created architectural plans, got permits by the Authorities for starting the activities.

  • Activity 2: Investments

We shall invest in different equipment and machinery all of which is necessary for the achievement of the overall project goal – creation of close-to-zero-emissions furniture production factory. All the equipment will be delivered by external  suppliers.

Total project budget:  EUR 2 473 485 Euro
Funding from Innovation Norway: 850 000 Euro.

Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, in the frame of Programme Area 01 – Business Development, Innovation and SMEs.